Art-making to me is about story-telling. When the end-product evokes an emotional response in the viewer, as it does for me in the process of creating it, I consider it “meaningful”.


My studio is where my home is at any one time. You are welcome to view my work and meet me by contacting me to arrange a time and place.


I consider myself a multi-media artist since I work with paints, clay and papier-mâché, depending on “the weather”…

My images are often about people, their idiosyncrasies and their responses to life, how we perceive and experience ourselves, others and the world around us.

Loesje de Bree


In my career as a health professional I have always tried to introduce creativity as a way to sustain and achieve wellbeing. Working with people as an arts- therapist has been revealing and rewarding for all parties involved.

At present I am focussing mostly on my own creative process, which is bringing me so much joy while it keeps feeding my curiosity and enables me to express myself freely.  

It is also a time for new challenges and adventures and of the experience of “not knowing where the path will lead…”

Various paintings and other art-works have found their home in New Zealand, Europe and the United States. I regularly enter the New Zealand trail of local exhibitions.