Art-making to me is about story-telling. When the end-product evokes an emotional response in the viewer, as it does for me in the process of creating it, I consider it “meaningful”.


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Interested people can contact me and view more of my work.

I see myself as a visual story-teller, who leaves plenty of space for the viewer of my art work to recognize one’s own perceptions of Self, others and the world around us.

Working in acrylics/multimedia, I am trying to express the human experience of thoughts, feelings and actions while we are living our lives. Art-making, as well as the end-product itself, is a way of communicating and connecting with others.

My work has found “for-ever” homes overseas as well as in New Zealand.

I am a member of Raglan Art and some of my works are being displayed on this website.

In my career as a health professional I have always tried to introduce creativity as a way to sustain and achieve wellbeing. Working with people as an arts- therapist has been revealing and rewarding for all parties involved.

At present I am focussing mostly on my own creative process, which is bringing me so much joy while it keeps feeding my curiosity and enables me to express myself freely.  

It is also a time for new challenges and adventures and of the experience of “not knowing where the path will lead…”

Various paintings and other art-works have found their home in New Zealand, Europe and the United States. I regularly enter the New Zealand trail of local exhibitions.