Toni Kingstone, artist, Raglan NZ

“I can control the colours and the movement of the paint but ultimately it will blend in a different way each time, resulting in an embodiment of balance and a truly unique piece that can never be replicated.”

Toni has taken part in the Raglan Arts Weekend for a number of years and is a regular exhibitor at regional art shows.

Her studio in Te Pahu is open by appointment – please get in touch if you would like to visit.

Toni’s life has been full of creative endeavours but it wasn’t until 2016 that she began painting seriously after completing a short online course with Pennsylvania State University. She transitioned to being a full-time artist three years later, and now works predominantly in acrylic, metallic pigments and resin to create flowing, abstract seascapes and landscapes that capture the mystical light of dusk and dawn.

Working into the style of Magical Realism, Toni brings a NZ flavour to this art movement by presenting reality within a magical context; adding detail to draw focus to the everyday but expressed within fantastical dream-like landscapes.

Beginning with a concept she works intuitively with the flow of the paint, then adds or removes elements with a palette knife or brushwork.

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