Raglan Artists and Galleries

We Raglan artists like to hide ourselves away in our studios, soaking in inspiration from the surrounding sun, sea and beautiful New Zealand bush. But we also like people to see the art we create!

“Collaborating to support, share and show our creativity and diversity.”

With artists from many countries and extensive experience and training, you’re sure to find art of many styles in our studios and exhibitions.

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Go to each artist’s page for their background and current work. Click any image … and enjoy!

Raglan Exhibitions

We have monthly exhibitions at the Raglan iHub – Side-by-Side – displaying work by two artists, open daily from 10am to 3pm.

We have a weekend exhibition every month with up to 6 artists, at the Community House uptown on Bow Street beside the Town Hall and Raglan Radio.

We also have a feature exhibition each year at the Raglan Old School.

And you’ll find most of our artists in the annual Raglan Arts Weekend – RAW – which will be Labour Weekend this year, October 2022.

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